Wednesday, October 8, 2014

New Friend

Today I had the amazing privilege of physically meeting a friend that I only known through facebook. We became friends after Kennedy's tragedy, she followed my story, offered me inspiration, prayed for us, she did all of this without ever meeting me. All the while she was following my story, I was following hers, she has cancer. Breast cancer.  3 times in her young life she has been diagnosed with the unimaginable. She is fighting hard since this last diagnosis. I saw her request on facebook to have someone sit with her because she does not want to be alone. I felt so compelled to meet her that I offered and she accepted.

I spent this time with her doing nothing really, just being there. I am sure she got wigged out when I started to cry but how could I not. This amazing woman is fighting hard and it is taking everything in her to even stand up and take 6 steps into the bathroom, yet she smiles and thanks me for coming.

We talked a lot about Kennedy and God, and why things happen. I hate that I do not have any answers, heck I didn't even have anything comforting to say to her, I cannot even begin to imagine what she is going through.

I have so many "why's" today. Why does God let us suffer? Why did He allow Kennedy to die? Why does he take the people that affect so many? Why can't I offer her more? Why is there not a cure for cancer yet? Why, Why, WHY?

I plan on visiting her again, if she will have me. It is so easy to go about our day and our life and not see the people around us suffering, fighting, struggling, whatever. Again my eyes have been opened to the harsh reality of life. I will make the best of it while I am here I guess.

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