Friday, December 2, 2011

Thankful November

Sorry it's been so long since my last blog, it seems like I have been so busy doing nothing these days.

November 1 I decided to reflect every day on one thing that I was thankful for and write it down. This was eye opening because somedays it was hard for me to come up something to be thankful for! Really?! Yes! Other days it was easy. So here goes... (pardon the errors, I saved this each day in my iphone)

30 days of thankfuls
1- I am thankful for my sweet Bristol.
2-...for my church family. I always feel so welcome at OLV.
3-...for my shower cap.
4-...for the possibility of new opportunities.
5-...for having a job. Even though it makes me crazy sometimes.
6-...for Joe who gives up his social life on weekends to babysit B so I can work.
7-...for my family.
8-...for the scale finally budging!
9-...for Carolyn. She loves B like one of her own.
10-...for my iPhone. I'm just not sure what I'd do without it.
11-...for our veterans, past and present.
12-...for a good day at work. Take them when I can!
13-...for going to work today. Very cranky baby that was up all night.
14-...for my dad visiting and making sure I have a cooked meal when I get home exhausted from work.
15-...for a good nights sleep!
16-...for modern medicine and the fact that I did not have to feel my tooth being extracted.
17-...for Joe getting a good report after his colonoscopy.
18-...for my dad having the ability to come here and help us out this week. It was a busy one!
19-...for the snooze button on my alarm clock. Those 9 minutes mean a whole lot to me.
20-...for choosing to work in the nursing department that I work in. I love my co workers.
21-...for waking up to a happy, beautiful baby cooing in the monitor today.
22-...for my ability to be able work from home when necessary.
23-...for the Kelley family. Each month they sponsored a mass in honor of Kennedy, these services have made us get up and go to church in some of our darkest moments.
24-...for Joe who has been through the darkest moments with me and to this day still stands by my side. For Bristol for coming into my life and showing me that I can love again and have happiness. For Kennedy for showing me how precious life is. Because of her I have learned to appreciate so many things. Even if for a short time, I am so thankful to have been lucky enough to be her mother.
25-...for not having to shop in the chaos of black Friday.
26-...for only having to work weekends. It's nice working two days a week.
27-...for being flexible enough to deal with some interesting situations at work. Roll out the red carpet....
28-...for sinus medicine.
29-...for my strong moments because when my weak ones hit they take every bit of strength to get through.
30-...for getting to enjoy so many of Bristols moments with her.

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