Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Where has this summer gone?

Wow! I cannot believe summer is going to be over soon. It has flew by! Things have been going really good for us. I am loving my job and couldn't be happier with my decision to change jobs. I really work for a great company that cares about their residents and employees it feels good! I love all of the staff that I get to spend each day with. Our team is getting so strong! I still miss my Brookwood girls and hope/wish I could get to see them more. You girls were, and still are, there for me through such a hard time in my life.

I am halfway through my 3rd semester of my Master's, I actually have an anticipated graduation date of April 2014! It seems like forever away but I know it will fly by. I'm blogging this on my lunch break right now, when I should really be working on a paper, whatever, I need a break too!

Joe and I have signed up for a Warrior Dash. I guess I really am crazy. We, actually I, have been training hard. I am anticipating beating Joe in this race. He will go crazy if I do! Our recent trip to PA has made us really understand how important family is and how important it is for us to all stay in contact, no matter how far away we may be.

Bristol took 4, YES 4, steps all by herself on Sunday! I'm one excited mama! Maybe soon you all will hear me complaining about having to chase after her running around. She is so hard headed and will only do things on her own time. Lord help us when potty training comes around. Do kids have to be out of diapers before they start kindergarten? Whose rule is that if so? LOL. She has also started to talk more. She now says "shoes", I love it, she has a early addiction like her mama!

July 2 was two years since Kennedy went to Heaven. Not a single day goes by that I don't think about her, hurt from missing her or thank her for the time she gave me. We love that little girl! Late July was kindergarten registration, driving by the elementary school without my little girl in the back seat was heart wrenching. She and I should have been there getting all ready to go to the big school. Instead all I have are what if's.... August 26 is Kennedy's fifth birthday. I plan on having a birthday party for her complete with another balloon release and a visit to her columbarium at OLV.

To this day I look at my life and where I am now and what I have been through and I have no idea how I got here. My strength waivers at times and I have my breakdowns and I wish that I never experienced the death of a child. It's hard but somehow I keep moving forward. I only hope I can inspire someone else.

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  1. Hey Becky!

    Glad to hear Bristol is doing so well. ^_^ And great to hear you and the hubby are training for a Warrior Dash! We happened to sign up for one too...though I doubt we're prepared for what we're getting ourselves into. >.< Will you be attending the one in Warrior, or the one in Tennessee?