Wednesday, May 8, 2013


This little spark plug will be two in ONE week! I cannot believe it! Time has flown by. She is talking so much, running around like a wild child and hurting herself constantly. Recently she got a black eye from Max the 100 year old pug (yeah, I have no idea how, he's deaf and blind but somehow managed to wreak havoc on her face). Then while still recovering from the black eye she breaks half of her tooth off (a mystery we will never figure out). Not to even begin to mention the permanent black and blue marks on her forehead from slamming it off the ground and the various knee scrapes. Oh the knee scrapes, they scab over, she picks the scab, they scab back over, she repicks the scab. They.never.go.away. Thankfully everyone that knows Bristol knows that she is a mess otherwise DHR would be knocking on our door on a daily basis. She is a handful, but a cute one! Her tooth was bonded and looks great and she is pretty proud of it too! Her eye is back to normal, her forehead - well I think she is now resorting to hitting the back of her head on the floor. I really don't know, I run away as soon as the tantrum begins. It may be working.
I am by no means complaining about Bristol, please don't take it that way. She just amazes the heck out of me. How in the world can something so darn small be so darn powerful? As much as I try to not let her rule this house, I think she bullies me into it. She will have her way no matter what.
I have made no plans for her birthday. On the 15th I am sending cupcakes to school with her so she can celebrate with her friends, then we may go to the petting zoo that weekend. I am keeping it low key. Her 1st birthday party was a bit excessive and I have no intention on topping them each year. When she can tell me what she wants then she can have great parties but until then, low key is the Halechko way. :)
I am so looking forward to what this next year brings us. I just want to keep her in a bubble until she is 18 but I know that will never happen. Keep us in your prayers this year, we were blessed with Kennedy for 34 months, there is still so much pain there. It is still so fresh and I find myself constantly comparing Bristol to her big sister. I know all parents compare their kids and it is just human nature but I don't ever want Bristol to feel bad because she didn't compare to Kennedy. I try very hard to realize that Bristol is her own person just like Kennedy was her own. Hopefully it will all work out ok in the end.
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  1. I just want to express my love for Becky, Joe, Kennedy and Bristol. Becky, you said you have some people saying negative things on here, and that's so hard to accept. I want all of you to know that your experience has reached into my heart and that I pray for all of you now. I am a mom too, and our babies are always in our hearts, heaven or earth. The love doesn't change, no matter what. The mean people are disheartening, but I think your little angle is sending some earthly angels your way, so there's lots of love for your family. I never express or feel love for people I haven't met, but it's different because as a mom, I really feel your love for both of your babies and your hurt over Kennedy. I will always send positive, loving, protective energy your way now and hope God is easing your heart. For Kennedy, may God watch over her family. She loves y'all too and that's what she wants. When Bristol gets a bit older, you'll see it. They love us as much as we love them.

    God Bless all of you. Let peace find your heart and ease some of your pain. I wish I could tell you I'll be here when you need a heart to cry with, but you don't know me and it wouldn't be the same. Just know you are all in my prayers.