Sunday, March 3, 2013

Is it really March 2013?

Where has this year gone? My last post was in November 2012, time has flown since then. The holidays were crazy. Bristol ended up being hospitalized for dehydration for four days. Let me tell you Children's Hospital in Birmingham was great but I hope to never see that place again. She is better now and hopefully not emotionally scarred from the entire ordeal. It was hard watching my baby be so sick.
Right before Christmas a friend of mine lost her son Cooper to a genetic condition called IPEX syndrome. I went to the viewing and funeral, which was held in the same place as Kennedy's. It brought back so many memories of that time. Cooper's funeral was heart wrenching, I felt so sorry for the entire situation but most of all felt sorry for Courtney and her husband Jon. I knew their pain and what they were going through and it was so hard to watch. Thankfully some of my old co-workers made me sit with them and we all wept together. Courtney has told me that looks to me for my strength, I honestly have no clue if I am strong, crazy or just trying to survive. Some days still continue to be worse than others (especially if I forget my antidepressant, lol) but I continue to trudge along.
Bristol is now getting to be a big girl. She will be 2 in May. I cannot believe she will already be 2. Her personality is wild. She is a daddy's girl big time. She is also a bit strong willed. She is now getting closer to Kennedy's age and that makes me sad, I stress about her turning  3, an age Kennedy never saw. I don't know why but I do.
Work is going good. Super busy but good. I love it. I love my sweet Alzheimer's residents that visit me everyday and file my papers in my office, take my mouse pad to their room or eat my candy. I am so glad I get to be a part of their lives! I have done some serious traveling the past month (which has only contributed to Bristol being a daddy's girl) to conferences and taking my assisted living administrator's test. I slept in a hotel more than I slept at my house I think. I did pass my ALA test which was huge, I am not a great test taker so I was kinda shocked I did good on it.
School is still going. I am over it. If it wasn't for Joe I really would have taken a permanent break but he reminds me that I only have one year left. He isn't the one taking classes and working but whatever, I am determined now to finish it. As much as I complain about school I am seriously considering getting my doctorate. My school now offers it so it would only be another 2 years. Who knows I might just go crazy before that though and end up in a nut house.
I guess now that Bristol is getting older the question of whether or not we will have another baby. The answer is no. I do get baby fever and would love another one but I just cannot be pregnant again. Those of you that remember me during Bristol's pregnancy can recall how large I got, how much I ate, how much I complained etc. I was miserable and it was a good pregnancy. I just don't think I have enough energy to even attempt another one. Now, adoption is not out of the question. I would love to do a domestic, private adoption. We will cross that bridge some day.

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  1. Dear Becky
    God and your whole family near and far loves you, Joe and Bristol. You are a strong person with a heart of gold. No family on earth could be prouder of you and Joe for what you have been through and are accomplishing. It is no wonder people look up to you. Life has many Miracles as well as disappointments..YOU are a Miracle that just keeps getting better..God bless you Joe and Becky. Love, Uncle Bill and Aunt Dawn