Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rainy days

Joe and I got a lot accomplished in Bristol's room. Crib and changing table are in there. The furniture is rearranged. I can now officially have a baby. Let's hope that doesn't happen for another 3 months at least though. It was hard to go into that room but it was something we did together and it felt good. We talked alot in there. Xander came in and sniffed everything, his ears were down the entire time. He didn't like it in there at all. Max walked in the door but immediately turned around and left. Poor dogs, they do understand.

I have tossed around announcing this but after lots of thought and coaxing from my family and friends I have decided to start WRITING MY BOOK. All by myself! I figured that if I announced it on this blog I would hold myself accountable to actually finishing it. Whether or not it gets published I will still have gotten so much relief from this whole writing process. Right now my rough draft is littered with little red and green squiggly marks all over it. I am definitely not a writer especially on this caliber. I have had to skip the entire accident explaination so far but, as I can, I plan on going back to it. It's just a hard thing to word when I was in such a state of panic and shock that I am unsure of a lot of the details myself.

I am feeling so much movement in my belly. It's fun. It makes it real. I swear overnight Saturday I popped out! I could hardly get around my patients rooms on Sunday. It's getting hard for me to bend over. Really? It seems way to early to be having all of this going on. I still do not feel healthy though, I haven't gained nearly as much weight at this time as I did with Kennedy at the same time. My hair continues to fall out. I am definitely eating much better, my appetite is back full force. I am sure the weight gain will catch up with me very soon. :)

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