Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crazy week

Although I have only been back to work for one week, I am feeling the wrath of time management. Working at our office, keeping up with the house and doing school work now needs to be completed by Friday night, when my weekend shifts roll around I am useless at home. I am not complaining about the tasks I have to do but have come to the realization that I have awful time management skills. I procrastinate.
I am also feeling the physical effects of this pregnancy, all of which I welcome, but having no ab muscles results in a sore back. Maybe I should get one of those support things? Who knows. My cold is finally gone, but the congestion seems to be lingering and probably will for awhile. It's very sad when your husband says to you "when we sleep with that humidifier on at night, you don't snore as bad". Great!
We managed to enjoy ourselves a bit by taking a spur of the moment trip to New Orleans, my favorite city. Joe needed a passport quickly and there is a passport agency there that issues passports in one day. Everything went smoothly and now Joe can leave the country. Back to my loving New Orleans, I have no idea what it is about that city but I love it. I love to people watch, watch the street musicians, look at the amazing architecture etc. Could I live there? Probably not but I hope to always live close enough to be able to go whenever I want.
This trip made me realize that when Bristol is born I will not pass up any opportunity to show her the world. I regret not taking Kennedy with us to Las Vegas, she would have loved the lights, to New Orleans, she would have danced in the street to the street musicians music and ate beignet's like they were the last food on earth, to Disney world, we planned to take her this December, she would have loved seeing all of it.
My motto this year will be: it's better to regret something I have done than regret not doing it.

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