Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday Randoms

Wow it's only Tuesday! With Joe being in Mexico and me having to not only work in the office but also see his doctors, do entirely more school stuff than I want to and run four million errands I am worn out! I am realizing how much Joe actually does around here, shh don't tell him that.

I did get to see Kennedy's MDO teacher. She had Kennedy for two years. It was so nice to see her. I so desperately want to go to her old school to see the mural that is there that has her hand print on the wall. I just don't think I am strong enough to walk in there without her.

I am also battling with wanting another dog! What is wrong with me? We have two that drive me nuts! I've been wanting one for over a year that's how we ended up with the bird I bought for Kennedy. I figured at the time that having a bird was not as hard as training a dog so we bought a blue parakeet. Kennedy so appropriately named her Bird. I would tell her "her name is Jade" she would say "no it's BIRD!" whatever. Bird is just a prime example of how well we pick animals. She sits on the bottom of her cage 90% of the time and when she squawks she gets so loud! I discovered, after reading the info pamphlet that came with her about a month after we got her, that if she sits on the bottom of the cage for extended periods of time that she needs to be returned to the store, there is something wrong with her. I never returned her, what is wrong with her?

I think the epitome of our animal choosing comes with our decision to pick Xander. He's a doberman, a really big one! But he is missing a very important chromosome I think. He's as sweet as he can be, really well behaved but sooooo dumb. He trips, he falls, he walks into walls and he barks nonstop. He craves attention and will do anything to get it.

Then we have Max, the senior citizen. He's an 11 yr old black pug. His face is now grey/white. His eyes are cloudy. He either can't hear or chooses not to hear. He limps. We have to check him every morning to make sure he's still alive. He absolutely doesn't wake up before 8am. If it's raining he just chooses to stay asleep all day. We are proud of him, he's been a trooper and has been with us since we lived in PA. He's been through a lot!

Church on Sunday was dedicated to Kennedy, it was sweet. I am so thankful to have been able to go. I work with the best people!

I am thinking more and more about writing a book. I am not a writer but would love to tell someone my story and have them write the book. They would get the credit. How the heck do I even start this process?


  1. You must write the book yourself.. You made me cry then laugh in one blog post... You have to check the dog every morning to make sure he is still kicking...LOLOL Do it... Just start writing stuff in a file on your computer..

  2. Becky you have the talent and knowledge to do the book. Do not sell yourself short. Write it and when your near finished, let me know. I will give you all the help you need. I will show you how to edit and publish it yourself.
    You will have to promote the book yourself if you want good results and I can show you how to do that also...You've already begun proper promotion and in a wonderful place.

  3. You are an excellent writer with a unique ability to verbalize things I mentally shelve. I think you may have missed your calling. Your articles are enlightening, sad, funny and heartwarming. Besides, life with JoeJoe is an adventure, not to mention the good things in store ahead. You amaze me at the things you can do and are an inspiration to others! LY!

  4. Becky, I agree with Kathy, you should write a book. You have a way with words that I just can't explain.